MCA of Memphis

Our highly trained workforce is better for healthcare projects!

Between 1998 and 2001, seven deaths and fifteen injuries occurred because of medical gas misconnections.

A patient's gas connector is literally their lifeline. Inexperienced piping contractors, without certified technicians, have been known to misadapt gas-specific connectors, delivering the wrong gas to patients in life-or-death circumstances.

Medical gas piping certifications for our workforce meet the requirements of the American National Standard for Health Care Facilities (ANSI-NFPA 99). When proper installation or service of medical gas systems can mean the difference between a patient living or dying, you really have to insist on the best!

Other contractors may tell you their technicians can do the job. But when it's a matter of life or death, you can't really take a chance.

The only way you can be certain you're getting the best trained and certified technicians is to work with MCA contractors and their highly trained workforce!